Virtus Pro flawless at cs_summit 007

Phillip Rasmussen
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Three things are certain in life. Death, taxes and Danes beating you in Counter-Strike.

At the 7th edition of cs_summit the latter didn't hold up, because Heroic fell flat against Fnatic in the semi-final, but at least karrigan managed to sneak a top 2 on the individual leaderboard. You might want to read that again.

If arT and FURIA are WWWWW on the server, Virtus Pro are WWWWW off the server. They played 5 games and took 5 wins at cs_summit 007, with 0 maps lost. Impressive.

It seems like every time we switch our CIS allegiance, we're being one upped. On Friday we hyped up Gambit, and then both Spirit and Virtus Pro goes on to win tournaments within 48 hours.

At this rate we'll start adding it as a service, maybe we can even make North win the European Development Championship. Nah, nevermind.

Fnatic was the latest victim for JAME and his slow and meticulous comrades, as they were ground to a pulp in the Grand Final. Before that, the CIS team let Mousesports bleed to death in the slowest 16-6, 16-5 win ever.

VP seems to have a preference to drag things out, even when they don't save.

Elsewhere the big story was karrigan leading from the front, and Complexity sneaking out in the back. We don't know what happened to the JUGGERNAUT since losing oBo, but Jason Lake has a pretty good idea it seems.

And if worst comes to worst, he can always rely on his Bitcoins (unlike certain others).

February 1, 2021

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