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In the wider world, the grander scale, Counter-Strike really doesn’t matter right now.

It seems silly to even talk about the consequences of real-life war on our little game, but we are privileged enough to not be directly impacted by it.

With that caveat done, let’s talk about how it is affecting - YEKINDAR gave an interview with a Latvian source talking about how BLAST’s - and ESL’s - ban, and the VISA situation is making things hard for VP.

The biggest part of that - outside of him calling broky a ‘piglet’, whatever that means - is that his future, and the future of all five players, is unclear.

He does suggest he and the boys would like to stay together, but if the Russians can’t get VISAs, that’s not really an option.

And we, as self-confessed YEKINDAR fanboys, won’t allow him to go off the radar. Someone would have to sign him. Imagine FaZe with YEKINDAR instead of rain. Imagine Team Liquid with YEKINDAR instead of shox. Imagine OG with - you get the point.

There’s a whole host of teams that would sell an arm and a leg for YEKINDAR - but giving money to seems like a bad idea, PR wise (and potentially morally). We just don’t want him to be stuck, not playing.

Essentially, VP getting banned and Russian players potentially not getting VISAs could see VP split up, or leave the org. And that would be a damned shame, especially for our Latvian buddy.

‘Cause he’s mad fun to watch.

March 3, 2022

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