Visit IEM Cologne at least once in your life

Elliott Griffiths
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We sent our boys to the Cathedral of Counter-Strike to report on all the goings-on around town and give you the lowdown on all the vibes.

There was just one problem: they had to find the cathedral first.

Once they were in, it was plain sailing.

napz spoke with both nitr0 and rain (more on that in next edition), Incipiens took some sweet pictures and aizyesque tried to communicate with some very drunk Germans. You’ll see what we mean, soon. Prost 🍻

But let’s have more on those pictures.

These look so good they look like they could have been taken by a professional, and not our little Irish friend. Ah, right. He is a professional. Could have fooled us.

IEM Cologne was as densely packed as the Major in Antwerp, but the cathedral feels so much bigger. And thankfully, more air conditioned.

It’s so aptly named; it truly is the pinnacle of esports stadia. Huge, imposing and giving off a feeling that no other place ever truly has.

Even the overt DHL and Muellermilch advertisements couldn’t ruin it, no matter how much they tried.

It truly is a pilgrimage that any CSGO fan has to embark on at some point in their life.

See you in 2023 xo

July 17, 2022

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