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Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by: NovaH. Source: Vitality & Liquid

"And there's Benrlitom with the triple AK one tap! He singlehandedly wins them the round!" is probably not a phrase you'll get bored of hearing, ever. We know we certainly won't. Which is why we're merrier than Santa on Christmas about Vitality's newest addition, Nivera.

You know, the last few years haven't had enough headshotmasheen for our taste. Apart from having an unpronounceable last name - and this is coming from the guy who's first name is Gijs - there's not much you can't like about the two brothers.

First off, ScreaM came from CS:Source, which is undoubtedly the best Counter-Strike game there is, and some of this game picking wisdom must've drizzled down to the younger brother, hopefully.

Of course, everybody knows ScreaM, but if you're not so known with the baguettes the name Nivera might not ring a bell as much. He really got launched into stardom, with his biggest team being his last - before joining Vitality - Heretics. He's played for Warthox before, alongside his now alleged replacement in Heretics, Python, which we thought was pretty funny. Anyways.

So far he's been doing great, beating his older brother in almost all of his all time stats, except one very important one. Headshot percentage. Nivera is at a measly 48%, while ScreaM scored a staggering 68%, and that's across his entire career. It was the main criticism people had of ScreaM, which still baffles us to this day, but give the people what they want, right?

October 18, 2020

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