Vitality targets the 'machine learner'

Elliott Griffiths
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Mom, can I have a French shuffle?

We have a French shuffle at home, and much like the frozen pizza that pales in comparison to Dominos (if you're into overly-salty cheese and overly-sweet tomato sauce, at least), it's a lot less exciting than the days of NBK throwing shade tand kennyS and shox finally getting together like Rachel and Ross.

The ever-reliable neL reports that Vitality want to follow the trend of having a sixth man. Weird how nobody thought it was a good idea until Astralis did it, huh?

The names he suggests are in contention are Keoz (not to be confused with khaosbob), hAdji (not to be confused with DonHaci), Maka or Nivera. Nivera would be the most hype one, as he's the second coming of ScreaM.

Almost literally.

He, for those who don't know, is ScreaM's lil' brother. He and Maka have been killing it on Heretics, and both would be worthy choices, but come on - we all want to see a Shox and ScreaM Jr link-up.

Keoz and hAdji are intriguing choices, especially Keoz who has been playing in CIS teams most recently.

We're sure they're good players, but they're not ScreaM's brother.

September 24, 2020

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