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Phillip Rasmussen
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: Hogwarts Chemistry Lab

The Major is over, and that means we're going into the silliest of seasons in Counter-Strike. Think the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, but on all the drugs from Trainspotting.

If you don't believe us, just re-read the story above. Right?

We digress, this story is not about some mushroom-trippin' French GM, but the rest of the crazy stuff that's happening.

Like the fact that Copenhagen Flames are available for the cash equivalent of half a dev1ce.

While the Danes did not make it to the Major Playoffs, they have broken into HLTV's Top 10 ranking, establishing themselves as the 2nd best Danish team after Heroic.

The success comes at a price however, and as the players believe their valuation have risen, so should their salaries, which has left Copenhagen Flames with in a pickle: Re-sign the players on more expensive contracts, or transfer them at a rumoured price of $500,000-750,000 and re-build.

We don't know who's going to buy them (if anyone), but Liquid are facing an existential crisis, Evil Geniuses and Complexity are revamping, while FunPlus Phoenix have closed their team.

The latter is really interesting, because Maden and Farlig are two exceptionally talented players, with the latter being a Danish AWPer. And while Lucky has played well for Astralis, can the Danes resist adding more firepower to their roster?

If you're the type of person that loves to theorycraft insane lineups, you can throw mir and chopper into the mix, as they have both been transferlisted by Spirit. We love the transfer window.

November 7, 2021

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