Want to try something that's not allowed at a Major?

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  • Well, thanks to g4nl0cK you can now try that.
  • Or what about an article that'll make Ryan at RushBMedia (and all other Cloud9 fans) cry.
  • If you're not done with nostalgia, there's a new Mauisnake-endorsed way to download HLTV demos. aizyesque used it to download all five North Grand Final victories at once.
  • Something we wish players had access to a few years earlier - @FairPlayEsports teaching everyone about Esports contracts.
  • More interested in the nuances of the game than agents and buyouts? DNPeek's DoubleScopefeaturing Anders and YnK - have you covered.
  • Maybe Evil Geniuses should check their videos out. Because they’ve been eliminated early again.
  • Although no amount of tactical nous will stop this Tarik whiff. Ouch.
  • Not that that means he (or anyone) deserves abuse. Listen to EliGE on this one.
April 8, 2021

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