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Elliott Griffiths
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It's the year of the CIS region - you can get on the bandwagon now or be left behind.

Somewhere in the East of Europe there's some conveyor belt labeled 'World Class Snipers' that runs all day long. If s1mple wasn't enough, last year we discovered how absolutely insane sh1ro was. And coming in to the first DH Open of the year, all eyes were on the young diamond.

Don't get us wrong. sh1ro was good. But degster is something else.

After Spirit took down BIG in a game that lasted longer than an unedited episode of By The Numbers, they were tasked with the daunting task of toppling FPX, who had smashed EG earlier on.

They did it with aplomb - destroying FPX 3-0. The best of five was shorter than the best of three the day before, and degster in the first two maps died 16 times. Total. All of the FPX players died 16+ times on both maps.

It wasn't all him - mir was astonishingly good, as ever. mir picked up 70 opening kills at the event, and degster 61 - the next highest at the event was 37. Thirty-seven.

We would have loved to clown on mousesports if chrisJ's new team had battered everyone and taken the trophy - but unfortunately he had a poor grand final. Getting there isn't bad in your first event, at least.

And anyway, we've always been Team Spirit stans in the TL:DR offices (read: Discord). Sooner or later, we all will be.

February 1, 2021

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