Welcome back, FaZe Clan

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: mouz

Oh baby, FaZe might be back.

Not in the sense that they’ve been playing well; which, they have; but more in the sense that they’re attempting to rebuild the Galacticos. That’s right, ropz appears to have snubbed G2 in favour of a move to everyone’s favourite scam artist organisation.

FaZe’s most successful period was at a time that they’d basically just picked up a bunch of cool players and gave them to karrigan, so uh... let’s run it back?

They’re also back to spending mountains of cash; though ropz is out of contract and won’t demand a fee, a little birdie tells us his salary is on the higher end.

To win big, you have to spend big, though, and with ropz and Twistzz they have an incredible amount of skill. Whether or not they have the pieces around them, though, is more debatable.

karrigan is a very good IGL, but rain hasn’t been setting the world alight recently, and broky is a talented clutcher and a very strong AWPer, but not quite ZywOo/s1mple tier.

Which, like, isn’t a criticism. It’s just true. To be better than NaVi you probably do need an AWPer who can go toe to toe with him, and they’re rare.

rain is a bigger worry, and with Twistzz to bring them into the rounds and ropz to close them, rain’s role becomes important. You can have the best round-closers in the world, but rain needs to open them up.

Still, though, FaZe look set up to lose another Major grand final next year. At the very least, they’ll be fun to watch again; assuming you enjoy watching ropz hold an angle for 75 seconds before leaving spawn on the T side.

MOUZ, now, need a fifth, and they already needed a fourth and potentially a third. If only they had the best academy team, or something, where they could source some players...

December 20, 2021

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