Welcome to the maden house

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: ENCE

Looking for a fun upset team with potential to break into the top tier?

Well, you’re a little late, given ENCE already did that in 2021. But now they’re even spicier, adding maden to an already intriguing roster of players-you’ve-sort-of-heard-of-and-also-kinda-rate. Just us?

Spinx was the gem in the ENCE crown, but hades and Dycha were solid pieces that, when ENCE were firing, created a triple threat of stars.

One problem; when they weren’t steamrolling teams, they seemed to lack some star presence, some firepower, some je ne sais quoi, as it were. That’s what maden is.

maden is a bully, a destructive rifler who at his best can completely dismantle opposition teams; but his form over the last year has been spotty and streaky. There’s a reason he’s at ENCE and not at FaZe, and that’s his patchy form.

But Snappi has shown he can turn mercurial talent from all over the world and turn them into machines - Spinx, hades and Dycha had a similar profile pre-ENCE.

ENCE have an eclectic mix of personalities, skills, stories and nationalities; but they are united in one goal.

Proving they didn’t make the wrong decision by cutting Aleksib and ending up with an international team.

January 24, 2022

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