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Elliott Griffiths
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Source: ESL

Uh oh, guys, gals, and everyone else. We’re in the FaZe era.

While ENCE’s fairytale run to the final gave credence to the idea that Snappi is one of the most underrated IGLs of all time, they fell short at the final hurdle.

Completely understandably.

ENCE looked excellent the whole way through, but not as excellent as ropz, broky, and Twistzz are as a trio. In fairness, you can probably add rain to that.

The Norwegian popped off multiple times throughout the event, proving what we already knew. You can put anyone in this role, and they’ll be perfectly fine. Win it with rain, win it with jks, you could probably even win it with an NA player there.

Alright, that was a bit far.

The final was a worthwhile watch, but even when ENCE took map two in overtime, the inevitability of a FaZe win was overwhelming. ropz was impervious, broky was cool, karrigan was energised, it was the same old story.

FaZe were decisive in maps three and four, and sauntered to victory again. Just like they did against NaVi - in fact, the only team that ever really had them worried was FURIA. But FURIA raced into the lead twice, and choked it twice. So, like, who cares.

Who can even stop them in this form? Their clutching is absurd, they outthink you, they outaim you, they outgame you. How do you beat FaZe?

Well, if we knew the answer, we’d be very rich from it.

April 10, 2022

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