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Elliott Griffiths
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Maybe there's more to the story, though. We're about to bombard you with links, but they're mostly just to prove we're not talking out of our derriere - you don't need to read these links, unless you think we're embellishing a little. We're not.

There's been a lot of noise around the CIS RMR event, and most of it negative. At least, that's what Twitter's translate feature tells us.

There was reportedly no delay (and no anti-cheat!) in the GOTV which would make ghosting very easy. Hypothetically, of course. Obviously, Akuma were accused.

SENSEi responded - there appeared to be a clip of him looking at the radar for a while and people thought they might have some radar hack or something. We... can't be sure he isn't cheating, but if he is, he might have been for a while, because he's been crazy good for a while.

If that's not bad enough for an RMR event, there were games supposedly DDOS'd, the grand final changed last minute to a BO5, talent found too late and underpaid and a little bit of conflict of interest, as the BBQ sauce on this already stacked burger of incompetence.

Richard Lewis wants the whole thing replayed, and it's pretty easy to see why. At the very least, Starladder are taking the next one, thankfully.

NaVi and Entropiq are refusing to play their 5th place game, and Starladder originally said they would get 50 RMR points each, but that isn't really how it works. Valve said if they don't play they lose all their points, and so far it seems like that might happen.

Why are NaVi so against playing this game? Voo has some idea - that a 'draw' would result in Entropiq getting in over Akuma. Now THAT is spicy. Completely unproveable, but SPICY.

May 30, 2021

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