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Gijs Verhoeff
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The first tournament of the year has seen its online stage come to an end, and boy was it good. And good news: there’s going to be more!

MOUZ NXT were up to their usual hijinks, dropping names left and right - despite having lost their star AWPer to the main roster - and finishing top of their group. They did so well in fact that they got as many points as the bottom three teams of their group (FURIA Academy, VP Prodigy, and Eternal Fire Academy) all combined.

They weren’t the only German org to do well however. BIG Academy topped Group A beating NAVI Junior - or rather a shadow of what NAVI Junior used to be. This means both BIG Academy and MOUZ NXT qualified for the LAN stage straight away.

The rest of the teams were condemned to the play-in, with their group placements deciding how far along the road they were placed.

Astralis Talent, who finished last of their group, walked the entire road to greatness however, taking down Fnatic Rising, NAVI Junior, and Young Ninjas in the process of qualifying.

VP Prodigy looked like they were going to do the same, coming all the way from the Quarter Finals to the Finals. Spirit Academy was too much for them to handle however, giving Spirit Academy the final qualification spot.

We like to think our writing isn’t confusing, but we you can never be sure. So, just because we love you so much, here’s a TL;DR of the TL;DR.

Qualified for the LAN stage (11/02 - 13/02)

  • BIG Academy
  • Spirit Academy
  • Astralis Talent

And just because we know your thirst for these hotshots hasn’t been quenched just yet, here’s our selection of the “Ones To Watch” not only in the upcoming LAN Finals, but just in general.

TL;DR’s One’s To Watch:

  • mhL: come on man, there’s no way you didn’t see this guy coming. He joined the team just short of two weeks ago, and he’s already achieving insane ratings.
  • KaiR0N: 17 years of age, and Spirit Academy’s star rifler is already the highest rated player of the tournament, with a rating of 1.38. A performance of monstrous proportions.
  • headtr1ck: in spite of his major efforts - he’s one of three players with a 1.3+ rating - his team NAVI Junior failed to qualify. Some have already dubbed him the next m0nesy, who they dubbed the next s1mple. Just saying...
January 16, 2022

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