We’re bringing EG back (yeah)

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: Simpsons, duh

What do Evil Geniuses and a bad smell have in common?

You can’t get rid of them. And they smell bad.

Despite being dumped out of the RMR qualifiers by TeamoNe - and kassad having to pay a cool grand to them - EG have wormed their way back in by way of Detonate having to miss out.

They’ve had to miss out as two of their players have been forced to drop out, and as such, their spot goes to Evil Geniuses for… some reason. Probably because they were the closest to going through, but we prefer to blame bias and unfair ruling, rather than the clear logical answer.

Much more fun that way.

The roster they’re going to use, however, is entirely unclear. It’s going to be a massive surprise - not just to us, but we suspect to Evil Geniuses as well. Their academy roster has been taking part in Showdown and doing better than the actual EG roster, but we’re not even sure if they’d be allowed to use that one.

And if they are, would they?

What a kick to the metaphorical family jewels that’d be for the already much-maligned main roster. Why even bother having one at this point?

Well, actually… we might be on to something there. The main roster has already failed - the EG Black roster quite literally cannot do worse than failure to qualify for the RMR.

April 2, 2023

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