What do NiKo and Kanye have in common?

Elliott Griffiths
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If you thought Kanye urinating on his Grammy was unusual, you were right.

But when Thorin brought up NiKo almost urinating on a hotel, instead of trying to deny it, NiKo just offered him some money. Which is arguably just as weird.

In fairness, it's not even that out of line for him. He went full Tim Sherwood and offered a random Twitter user the chance to IGL for FaZe in the same week. Guy is not used to losing, and it shows. FaZe are 0-5 so far in the Pro League, but they do face a weakened NiP next, as nawwk has been benched due to health issues.

Surely, SURELY, even this FaZe can't lose to NiP with THREAT.


The other big loser of EPL EU has been G2 - despite winning their first two, four losses on the trot including a sad loss to x-kom AGO who are also out, leave them adrift of the top four. OG and Heroic play each other tomorrow for the final spot in Group A.

Group B sees Astralis and Complexity flying high, with Vitality, mousesports and Spirit all on three wins too. fnatic aren't looking too hot, but a win today could see them back in contention.

Oh, and s1mple is really good. Just look at these stats.

Over in NA, Gen.G replaced daps with cxzi for a game. Who is he? We're not really sure. It also didn't matter, as he was still better than 100 Thieves. Turns out BnTeT moved all the way across the world to still have to carry a team on his back, too.

FURIA win every game, Triumph lose every game. That basically covers it. EG and Liquid look set to make top four, with the final spot likely to fall to Chaos or Gen.G.

September 17, 2020

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