What would you bet on if we gave you €10?

Phillip Rasmussen
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We have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that we won't give you €10, but the good news is that Midnite will*.

Who is Midnite then, you might ask? Well they're a bookmaker licensed in the UK, and they've designed a betting site that focus 100% on esports.

Here are four things we love about them:

  • The best odds on the market, plus a huge variety of games to play on
  • Fast deposits and fast withdrawals
  • They got a Discord channel for all your customer support questions (we don't know any bookmaker out there that has this service)
  • The website is made by gamers, for gamers. You won't need a manual to find your way around

If you got any doubts, just remember that UK CS always loses, which by that logic, means that you win.

*Like the old adage goes, you gotta spend money to make money. To get the €10 you will need to put a €20 bet on Midnite. Validity of this offer depends on your country of residence and local laws

January 17, 2021

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