What's better than 6 players? 11 players!

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: Astralis

Remember back in the old days, when CS teams were five players and a coach who didn't do anything?

We miss those days.

Astralis broke the mould to pick the first six/seven man roster (like a real one), then went back to a six man roster (with Bubzkji playing a few games a month) and now have gone way back to have an academy roster as well.

As if signing everyone else's best current players wasn't enough, they're now signing North, Mad Lions and Copenhagen Flames' future best players too. Probably. It's all a bit "Chelsea having 40 players out on loan" - if you're barely giving your sixth man a chance, why would any of your academy players ever get a chance for you?

They'll probably make a bunch of money selling them on with the 'played for Astralis' tax that Cloud9 are pretty au fait with, but we'll be surprised if it's anything more than that.

December 17, 2020

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