What’s happening with OG?

Harry Richards
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Illustration by NovaH

nexa has gone on break, and OG haven’t missed a beat.

That’s to say: They’re just as mediocre without him as they were with him.

We’ve bashed OG before for calling out of spawn every round, for baiting flameZ, for still pretending NEOFRAG is worthy of star trade-fragger roles but even we thought they’d qualify out of THIS group.

Losing to fellow stand-in JACKZ and Vitality is one thing, but the #8-ranked team (yes, they’re actually that high) had no excuses in the lower bracket.

paiN are no slouches, sure, but degster should never be recording just 16 kills in a 16:14 loss on map three. He’s a star awper who doesn’t get openers and throws fewer flashes than mopoz — if he’s not harvesting kills in the mid and late round, he’s next to useless.

Even more embarrassing was that OG went on to lose to NIP, who looked terrible all week before and after their OG win.

OG have farmed their BLAST partnership for all it was worth to get to 8th in the world, meaning it didn’t take a genius to see this collapse coming a mile off.

They looked uninspired even in those wins, with a thinner playbook than my lecture notes from this year of university. But, they have always looked like that. The wins they did get were as unsustainable as EG’s win over Heroic.

Think of all of degster’s 1v2s, all of flameZ’s bullshit entries, or F1KU’s crazy multi-kills. They were never going to be more than gatekeepers with this style unless they somehow maintained individual overperformances.

What’s the solution? Maybe degster can start calling instead of niko, bringing a bit more of chopper’s CIS style in. But we’re not certain he’s got the personality nor the chops to do it.

It’s a nightmare. And there’s no easy fix in sight.

March 12, 2023

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