What's the opposite of Brexit? Re-Brenter?

Elliott Griffiths
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  • smooya has stepped back in to the fnatic line-up - at least for three months - after his release from Movistar Riders. Maybe we were a little quick to count out everyone's favourite AWPer. fnatic are officially a UK team.
  • EXTREMUM have benched their entire team; or, as other teams see it, EXTREMUM have benched BnTeT and Jkaem. This follows a disappointing performance at IEM Fall leading to them not qualifying for the Major.
  • 00Nation binned off the twins as we mentioned last time around, but their replacement (or at least half of it) is fer. Yeah, that fer. You have our attention, ZERO PLANO. We think it'll end in tears, but we're always on board for a redemption arc.
  • xfl0ud has been announced as ISSAA's replacement on Eternal Fire, making the team fully Turkish. xfl0ud was most recently on GORILLAZ, and was pretty middling - so we're hardly getting over-excited about it.
October 18, 2021

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