What’s your favourite BERRY?

Harry Richards
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Illustration by ANDYJ.

We had a soft spot for Sprout.

They were like a mini Heroic, with refrezh calling and a high-potential trio in Staehr, lauNX, and Zyphon.

But maybe it wasn’t as sweet inside the team.

refrezh has announced — with a Twitlonger, obviously — that he no longer wants to IGL, citing his stutter as a key factor that was holding him back in intense situations.

He also wants his old lurky roles back, meaning Zyphon has been kicked to the curb to make room for a new caller.

At first, ex-FNATIC Rising captain Maze was given a go, but after a failed attempt to qualify for IEM Brazil he’s gone too.

Filling the IGL-sized hole for now will be coach BERRY, an old-school Danish IGL who already had more than a hand in how Sprout were playing.

He used to be HUNDEN’s angelic twin, developing talent so that they could reach heights his individual ability stopped him from reaching himself.

So, we wouldn’t expect any fireworks from him in the server. The 32-year-old is clearly not a permanent solution.

This will always be an exciting team with Staehr and lauNX — but Zyphon was a key part of why they were so threatening.

Rumours that he can be a bit toxic have been around since Zyphon was cut from Astralis Talent in 2021. But his removal this time round just seems like an unfortunate consequence of refrezh’s resignation.

If his attitude is not an issue, there are plenty of teams that could benefit from this. Cough, Astralis.

As for Sprout, not only do they now need to pluck an IGL out of nowhere, refrezh needs to become a star player again. Neither of those things are going to be easy.

February 10, 2023

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