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Gijs Verhoeff
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😐  Just a tiny bit awkward

  • Don’t get us wrong, we’re loving the fact that GL is playing ESEA Open with acoR and siuhy. It’s just the absolute radio silence on the entire situation by both orgs that makes it weird.
  • Check your fire next time, blameF…

🎂 10 years: let’s get creative

  • ESL made this super-duper awesome nostalgic compilation of the ten years of CS, collaborating with a bunch of editors. We definitely didn’t cry or get goosebumps or anything.
  • Apparently festive chickens make for a really good “flashbang”. Valve pls don’t fix.

💸  Interesting, painful, and expensive facts

  • Voo took us on a journey to bust 40 myths about CS:GO. He didn’t cover if reading tl;dr improves your CS skills though. Our research says it does.
  • Excluding salary, dev1ce cost NiP just over $400 per kill, and he’s not even getting any now because he’s on the bench…
  • We can only wonder how much EG is dropping on salary, given they could fill an entire group stage on their own.
August 21, 2022

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