Who are the new Anubis globals?

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_. Source: Society6, Nlelith

Have you ever wondered how much a team benefits from their permaban being replaced by a new map?

No? Us neither. That’s this story wrapped up then.

Oh, sorry. That’s not really our job, is it. TLDR’s own Harry’s gone and written another one of those long articles on HLTV about incredibly nerdy stuff, and personally, we love it. As always.

There’s far too many takeaways to completely outline in 200 words, but largely it suggests that teams don’t always benefit in the way you think they might from their permaban being removed.

Though there are teams - say for example, Vitality and Astralis historically - who have gotten better with map changes, this isn’t exactly an obvious pattern in the data. It’s a narrative that seems to only really matter for the elite, and even then, it could be coincidence.

It also turns out, from the data, that really good teams tend to win more on new maps. Go figure. Glad we have the data to show this.

The article does point out that BIG might be one of the most affected teams, largely as they pick Dust 2 a lot, but they also lose it a lot of the time they pick it.

It’s like when North lost Cobblestone from the map pool. They kept picking it and losing it. We think it might actually help them that Dust 2 is gone.

Whatever happens, there’s a new opportunity for someone to become the best Anubis team in the world. At least for a week, until everything they do gets copied by karrigan, who then does it better.

December 1, 2022

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