Who do the TLDR staff think will win Kato?

Elliott Griffiths
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As you might have gathered from the tone of that VP piece, the writer of this piece, the handsome, strong, tall and single (ladies) aizyesque has the correct opinion that Virtus.pro are going to win in Katowice.

Their restrictive, oppressive style is so difficult to play against for teams who are a bit cold and a bit ‘loose’ with their gameplay - and with so many teams having new players, new styles, sometimes even new languages and who haven’t played so much, they’re going to get picked off.

Fortunately, I asked the rest of TLDR for their wrong opinions for you all to laugh at.

Phil believes Vitality will win, because ‘the world’s best player is now paired with ZywOo, and now dupreeh will lift the Kato trophy’. Finding it pretty hard to find a flaw with this one. There’s also the fact that zonic energises his players really well in a LAN environment.

We’ll see what Valve has to say about that. A respectable opinion, but sadly, Vitality will lose the final to VP.

Jack, the graphics guy, picked NiP. There’s a reason we make him do the pictures and not the words. He said some nonsense about hampus being the best player in Sweden, which is like being the hairiest member of the Anders/Moses casting duo.

We’ve got some spicy picks with Harry and Ashton going for NaVi. Feeling daring today, are we? ‘BLAST was online BO1s, they’re still the best by a long way’ is a nice thought, but they did still lose one of them to MIBR.

Vitality, Gambit, VP - I could understand. MIBR? Not for me. NaVi are WASHED.

Finally up to the plate was resident delusional North American Logan, whom I cannot be too mean to as he has access to video of my face and voice (he produces the podcast with me).

Still, he picked Team Liquid to win it, using nitr0’s return to LAN as the reason for them winning. Interesting, given that’s the exact reason I believe the opposite.

He says he’s been on the NA Hopium, and he’s definitely been taking something. I don’t want any of it, though. He did also add that Renegades would make top eight, which is probably far more likely.

Still not happening, though.

February 13, 2022

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