Who gets the biggest talent in CS:GO?

Phillip Rasmussen
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: NAVI

There are few things in CS:GO that gets us as excited as m0NESY. Bar ZywOo, we don't think we've ever seen anyone be that good at 16 years of age.

The madlad is dropping 2.57 ratings on LAN, and is on his way to finish 2021 with 1.36 rating and 1.42 impact.

The only thing holding m0NESY back from a shot at glory in NAVI, is that he's trying to break into the best team in the world, by replacing the best player to possibly ever touch the game. Tough luck kiddo.

You can't hold back greatness however, and m0NESY himself have said that he's ready for a shot at Tier 1 CS:GO, which we tend to agree with. At some point it stops being fun to shit on Young Ninjas again and again.

According to a recent report from Dexerto, NAVI have realized they won't be able to lock m0NESY in a golden cage until s1mple retire, so they're entertaining offers for the young talent.

A top 3 talent available, during a shuffle period?

Cue piranha noises.

The real question from all of us here at TLDR is this: Will Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2, let another generational talent be snapped up by a competitor?

They lost out on ZywOo to French rivals Vitality, but with m0NESY they get a shot at redemption. Baseless speculation you say?

Well, not quite. According to neL's most recent report, G2 are looking to swap out one player over the off-season, along with a change of their coach. So all we're saying is it could be for m0NESY.

In that case, excuse our nerdboner, but huNter, NiKo and m0NESY in the same team is HOT.

November 18, 2021

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