Who needs to change in the player break?

Elliott Griffiths
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Player break is coming up, which means two things.

  1. It means there's no CS :(
  2. It means we might get some roster-mania, which might actually be better than actual CS.

We thought we'd give you the heads-up of the teams who REALLY need a refresh.

We'll start with FaZe. Obviously, right? coldzera is out, and surely they don't continue with olofmeister. They won't, right? Please tell us they won't. We'd like to see them carry on taking young or underrated talent, but maybe a little less raw than Bymas.

mhL would be interesting, malbsMd is a newsletter favourite, torszi is one that could be a nice gamble or try and convince faven to leave Sprout, because he really deserves better. BIG could maybe do with faven, too.

coldzera could work nicely on EG, though a decent performance at IEM Summer might change their mind on making too many changes. Instead, he would fit nicely on FURIA, but we want to see junior return and do well.

FNATIC desperately need to do something, be that bringing Peppzor, signing a new player (f0rest to fnatic, anyone???) or just letting Brollan frolic in the fields. And by the fields, we mean that academy spot on NiP. You're not fooling anyone, Ninjas.

There's always Astralis, who are seemingly not signing mertz as was rumoured on Twitter a while back. Wonder why that might be. They have allegedly been courting a lot of players, but es3tag is the obvious one for them to sign - at least until they realise how good Fessor is.

Hand us the copium, fast.

June 13, 2021

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