Who on earth is vester?

Gijs Verhoeff
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Astralis have picked up vester, from their academy team, for the duration of Katowice. He's going to be filling in as seventh, as it seems Astralis are looking to return to their "ten man roster" once again.

Now it's already an interesting move considering Bubzkji's playtime, but it gets worse. As if they were rubbing the proverbial salt in to the proverbial wound - salt they probably got from JUGi's tears - vester sports a devastatingly low rating over on HLTV so far. 0.89 isn't something you'd write home about. Overall just a plain weird move.

Not as weird as apEX though. After he announced he was taking a temporary break from the team, it seems our favourite Frenchman - we mean, how could you not like him? It's almost as if he wasn't French - is back to playing sooner than expected.

Although we shouldn't be complaining. We're not exactly sure why he took a step back in the first place, but we're happy to see him back again, and we hope he's doing well. This means Vitality is back in full force for Katowice, and that's undeniably a good thing.

February 18, 2021

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