Who qualifies for the Major?

Harry Richards
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After five weeks of Pro League, you’d be forgiven for wanting a break from CS for a bit.

That is, if you’re a normal fan. Here at TL;DR we’re immune to ‘over-saturation’. Just shut your eyes, for god’s sake.

This week we’re treated to FOUR RMRs: two European events in Malta, the APAC tournament in Australia, and American one in Sweden. Wait, Sweden? Don’t ask.

On Tuesday the action begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 19:45 in Malta, but on Friday and Saturday finishes at 07:30 AM the next day in Australia. 24 hour challenge, anyone? **

Most of the games will be self-explanatory — the FaZes, NAVIs, and Liquids of the world should progress pretty easily out of their Swiss stages.

The interesting part of these events will be who scrapes through the event, the small teams you’ve not seen before and the big teams who struggle.

Take the Europe RMR B, where teams like Bad News Eagles, deko’s 1WIN, and jerry and forZe could easily upset a k0nfig-less Astralis or fnatic to make it through.

Scenarios like that are in every single RMR.

Teams like B8 and Aurora have little-to-no hope, but we get former MOUZ NXT siuhy’s LAN debut as GamerLegion’s new IGL, potential of another Imperial-00NATION grudge match, and Grayhound’s inevitable bottlejob against one of IHC, Rare Atom, or JiJieHao International.

All in all, it should be a fun week. When you play 15 best of threes in one day, at least one or two are gonna be good games, right?

So, let’s strap in for a week of new names rising, old ones falling, and most importantly: people moaning about Buccholz.

Find all the streams here, and get the full tournament overview from Liquipedia:

October 2, 2022

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