Who's at the Major: Definitive Edition

Gijs Verhoeff
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That's right, put away your calculators, 'cause the numbers are in.

Depending on who you support, they're either good, bad, or as expected. Or all of the above.

We'd love to go through all the teams that qualified one by one, but we like to fit our newsletter in one email. Our friend Nors3 has been so kind to put them all in one tweet however. What a nice guy.

And if you'd like the seeding breakdown, HLTV has you covered.

Just like last time around, we're going to give you some more interesting pieces of information about the teams and players that qualified (or didn't). So buckle up.


  • With FaZe qualifying, Latvia sees its number of Major players (ever) double. From one to two.
  • Meanwhile, Israel joins the club, as Spinx is the first to represent his country, playing for ENCE.
  • Brazil becomes the country with the most players at the Major for the first time ever, beating Denmark out by just one player. Last Major, Brazil tied with Russia for this record.
  • olofmeister saves his record of playing at every Major, now that FaZe have qualified.
  • NiP went undefeated at IEM Fall EU, and device was the best player of the event - good enough for a Legends spot. Who's laughing now?

Not qualified:

  • Finland sees the biggest decrease in number of representatives compared to last Major, going from six players to one.
  • This is the fourth Major ever not to feature Belgian players
  • coldzera - the highest rated player at the Majors - will miss a second Major in a row. Last time no one was able to surpass him, but s1mple is in second place. Will he be able to take that title?

And if you wanted to know who are all the rookies at the Major, then Nors3 has you covered again. Doesn't quite fit in one tweet this time however...

October 11, 2021

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