Why are teams signing academy teams?

Elliott Griffiths
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It seems a lot of teams are picking up academy teams, even though there was some Valve ruling about them not being allowed in the same tournaments. Why could that be?

MIBR became the latest, though mouz joined in last week with a team including Hungarian talent torszi. A lot of teams had scrapped academy teams as a concept in the last few years, but teams are picking them up again.

One might argue MIBR were already an academy team.

We've heard that there is a rumour of some sort of academy league forming, which we looove as an idea. We've seen NiP putting their young players in their first team, but having some sort of academy league for players to show off, and the big teams to actually see how good their players are seems like a great way to foster talent.

If that's not the case, we might see some more rotational line-ups like the one we're seeing with NiP. But we would prefer the academy league idea.

If that's not the idea, Valve, it should be. In our opinion. xoxo

June 24, 2021

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