Why didn't you refrag?!

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • ESEA has announced the integration of a service called Refrag, which has some good looking tools to work the strats with your team. Note to self: Get a team first.
  • SMASH has parted ways with their teams after the players and organisation failed to agree on a contract, a repeat of what happened with the players who now play for GODSENT. Coincidence?
  • Danish team Singularity have signed on youngster Remoy to their roster. Does being Danish grant you a CS-Skill bonus?
  • In other Scandinavian news, Rubino finds himself out of a team agains after Nordavind replaced him with H4RR3, who immediately showed us how it's done.
  • Again, we don't leave the Nordic region. The Astralis players and coach have apparently signed off their personal commercial rights to a Danish sponsorship agency. How long before we see Magisk in a yoghurt commercial?
  • Some NA shenanigans went down with a player called Riko allegedly playing with cheaters. ESEA was quick to clear things up though.
  • Swole Patrol might see their ranks swelling again, as former players ponder a return to CS:GO. Cue the Abe Simpson-gif.
June 11, 2020

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