Why we don't take bets

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Now why have you gone and done that Baker? You know they don't come off, ever, right?
  • Frenchmen and Deagles, name a more iconic duo.
  • Maybe FaZe and losing? That's certainly the case if it's up to GODSENT's farlig...
  • Pop off Thorin, but advice for next time, one: don't block us and two: tell us who you're talking about, and then we're good.
  • Things must be really bad between Nadeshot and The Boys, as he'd rather play Call of Duty than watch his team play their final game...
  • NaVi's online form has been okay, but in real life it could be better. As it turns out Perfecto has tested positive for the corona virus... Get well soon!
  • SPUNJ has basically already confirmed that jks will not be staying with the ex-Thieves - he's out on parole with a certain Mr Lake - ending a long history of Australian success.
  • Looks like the Honourary Boy from Europe will not be staying with the Australian lineup either, as he may be joining his fellow countrymates in Apeks.
  • 3kliksphilip's rule of "If a game has a map editor, someone will make Dust II for it" also rings true for real life, as a reddit user by the name of 282449 recreated the quintessential map with LEGO.
October 18, 2020

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