Will blameF ever truly change?

Elliott Griffiths
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📖 Heavier reading:

  • Rizzolini (great name) put out a lovely longform piece on the history of CS:GO’s competitive map pool.
  • Aleksib is upset people don’t think he deserves to be on NAVI. In that case, Aleksi, just don’t look at comments. It’s going to come up sometimes.
  • blameF thinks his level might dip now that he’s IGL. The real question is whether or not he will stop sitting in corners on the other side of the map.


  • M80 are trying to sign an NA… is there a word like superteam except for not super players? It looks like a fun roster, though.
  • Last week two of our own locked horns in an intellectual (we use that term loosely) tussle for supremacy over whether or not… dupreeh is the GOAT. Yeah, really.

⁉️ Et al:

  • 1.6 star walle might be on his way back to coaching. Yes please!
  • Jame gave us all his thoughts on who the best teams will be post-shuffle - in case you want to feel smart.
  • olofmeister is about to become a father - and we don’t mean he’s going to become FaZe’s coach.
July 14, 2023

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