Without nexa, you need more degsterity

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • nexa is taking some time off from OG for private reasons, and we wish him well. It seemingly has also made degster realise that IGLing + AWPing isn’t that ezpz.
  • EG have confirmed +Shakezullah, but as a coach?

🤨 Whoops, let’s ignore that

  • Remember that copyrighted artwork we talked about on a recently added AWP skin? CSGO has already removed it and swapped it out for Doodle lore.
  • We saw what you posted, Astralis. Don’t hide behind that delete button.
  • Nothing beats our own Logan and (thankfully, not our own) Ryan witnessing a true NA CS moment as a player got banned in the RMR.

👀 Worth a looksie

  • Are you the absolute antithesis of our average reader - in that you want all the information, all the time and you want it now? Then this Telegram group is perfect for you.
February 16, 2023

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