xertioN dominates on debut

Harry Richards
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Illustration by ANDYJ Source: mousesports Data: HLTV

You know how we never get anything in one go anymore? Movies have seventeen trailers, TV shows even more, and every album has to have at least five singles.

Well, that basically describes MOUZ’s treatment of their NXT squad, promoting their young guns in dribs and drabs every three months or so.

torzsi was the lead single, the dead-cert success. JDC is the second release, a ‘change in sound’ that scared some fans and excited others.

And xertioN? xertioN’s the banger that the artist has been teasing on tour for six months.

An explosive rifler akin to EliGE or k0nfig, xertioN is deadly in opening duels but far from a one-trick pony — the Israeli pairs his aggression with an uncanny knack for multi-kills.

And if you doubted that xertioN could do the same at the top level, his dismantling of Heroic on debut went some way to shut you up already. A solid 1.11 rating on Mirage gave way to 1.43 on Dust2 in a statement performance, though we should acknowledge a pretty drastic fall-off to 0.71 rating against Astralis a day later.

But there’s still plenty to get excited about. frozen (now in more of Bymas’ old lurk roles) and torzsi should be this team’s stars, leaving xertioN as the explosive third cog that could pop off at any moment.

They’re not gonna challenge NAVI or FaZe but this is a super-young squad. Coach sycrone’s slow deployment of his academy starlets in the main roster is a deliberate one, giving each player his full attention as they bed in.

Even if this season isn’t a success, the recall of ex-NXT IGL siuhy from his GamerLegion loan in place of dexter is a perfect get-out-of-jail-free card to turn these solid singles into a proper chart-topping album.

Should that happen, MOUZ will finally be getting to the conclusion that Gambit reached three years ago: keep an experienced fragger with plenty left to give in HObbit & frozen but unleash the core of an academy squad with their chemistry and ambition intact.

Just two games into Pro League, xertioN has already shown us just how frightening a prospect that could be.

September 15, 2022

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