Xyp9x sentenced to academy duty

Harry Richards
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Astralis/Xyp9x

In 2021 Xyp9x signed a four-year deal with Astralis. Since then, he has averaged a 0.95 rating and now, with two and half years remaining on that ill-fated deal, he has been benched.

Well, not officially.

Because it’s Astralis he’s not benched; he is just ‘helping’ out the Academy team out of the kindness of his heart and remains part of the now six-man active roster.

It’s nearly as bad as when flamie was sent to play with NAVI Junior. It’s a horrible way to end your career — though not as bad as what MSL and aizy have been cooking.

Xyp9x, in fairness, has brought this upon himself. When he signed that four-year deal, he knew that this was the only way it could end. He knew that he was placing money and security over his short-term reputation.

Anyway, we’re sure with time, Xyp9x’s reputation will recover to what he deserves. We remember Winston Churchill for his wartime leadership, not his questionable reign in the 1960s.

It’s just embarrassing to see the Clutch Minister in Academy games. With his salary, we’re sure he will survive. But that doesn’t make how far he has fallen any less sad.

Xyp9x’s replacement is 19-year-old Altekz, Astralis Talent’s best player of 2023 and a fellow B Anchor on Mirage. We called it; just saying.

It is the natural move for an organisation that rarely spends big in the transfer market. The kid deserves a shot.

But is it the type of move to satisfy the team’s now-rabid — I mean, just look at the comments here — fanbase?

Xyp9x has been given the push, but figures like Kasper Hvidt (who gave Xyp9x that four-year deal) and gla1ve seem to have survived, at least for now.

Changing your support player rarely turns a terrible team into a great one. It’s the type of move to push you over the edge, not to save a team that can’t even qualify for a Major.

For Astralis to buck that trend, gla1ve will have to get the absolute best out of Buzz and Altekz, as well as recover his own form to a more stable level.

It’s not impossible, but this move is only the first step in a very long journey for Astralis.

April 20, 2023

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