Y'all have more of those Danish players?

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

Yeah, that's just what Astralis need. More bloody players.

It appears they're not content with having six or seven players, they want an entire other team, led by former CS:Source maestro, Dennis 'vnG' Vang. As a coach, not a player, obviously.

The so-called talent squad will have all the same facilities as the Astralis team, which hopefully doesn't include the stressful bits. While talent squad is a cool name, it does make the actual Astralis team the not-talented squad by default.

They do mention that it will give players in the main squad who aren't playing a chance to stay in shape, which is either a dig at xyp9x's first game back or an excuse to forget they ever signed Bubzkji, which they have been trying to do since he joined, it seems.

At least this means they'll never have to sign JUGi to play for the first team again, as they can just try out some academy players. Or, sorry, talented players

November 12, 2020

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