Yay, more HUNDEN talk

Elliott Griffiths
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Yes, we're still talking about HUNDEN and Heroic.

niko has been found to be guilty - largely as he admitted said guilt - of knowledge of HUNDEN's cheating, but is getting off lightly, without a ban. Now, put that sword away; ESIC found that HUNDEN abused niko's ADHD and Aspergers to manipulate him into trusting him, and then ratted on the poor boy.

On one hand, we don't want to use conditions like that to excuse behaviour, but it does shine a very different light on it if the investigation shows HUNDEN deliberately manipulated it.

So, we're all good right? HUNDEN takes the fall for being a terrible, terrible man, everyone is fine. Just don't go and release a half hour video where you go and tell the world that you knew what was going on and asked very very politely that he stop, and you'll be okay.

Oh. Never mind.

The Heroic players did just that, telling us that after they found out he cheated the first time they asked him not to do it again, and that TeSeS boosting him into the spot was just him being naive. Mmhmm.

cadiaN then tried to sell us a beach front property in the Gobi Desert right after.

Re-hiring him after he was banned for cheating, and going against your wishes to cheat again? Completely normal. Don't worry about it.

Seriously, the whole thing stinks, and if we weren't so tired and jaded of this story we might find it within ourselves to be more than horrendously sarcastic about the whole ordeal. We suppose in that sense they've muddied the waters enough to win.

voo got it right on Twitter. Something fishy going on here.

ESL, however, see nothing weird, and have added them as a partner for the Pro League - leaving some questions as to how that can be reasonable. Fair point.

October 21, 2021

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