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  • Some more coach news - kassad left 100Thieves seemingly all of a sudden. Guy has a seriously good CV, but it seems he's being replaced by ImAPet, who left EG under a similar cloud.
  • oskar has left Sprout, with snatchie the rumoured replacement.
  • The off-season break might be moved, for, well, obvious reasons.
  • Noise warning - HARRE found an invisibility cheat. Turn your sound back up for this clip of w0xic laughing, though.
  • This is the deadliest shot since we were convinced that tequila was a good idea.
  • dennis might find himself a new team...
  • H0bbit took Unique apart - and Winstrike won a 2v5 to make it 16-0 just after this tweet.
  • Jamppi's debut went pretty well, even if he himself wasn't standout.
  • FURIA and ENCE had a gentleman's agreement not to use agent skins. Fair to say these guys won't be going pro in VALORANT any time soon.
  • A player on Team VAC getting banned is funny, but it was only for stream sniping. Booo.
  • We don't know what we wanted, but we definitely didn't want to read the words 'Squirtus Pro'.
  • FLASHPOINT might drop the fines for not being in the top 20 due to the coronavirus situation.
April 30, 2020

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