You can’t have enough stickers

Gijs Verhoeff
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👷 Valve is hard at work

  • Need more stickers! Thanks, Valve.
  • Although according to sources (with those sources being: trust us bro) things might be changing to Source 2 soon. Or it’s just an early April fools joke.

📽 Vids for the weekend

  • If you need advice on what to do with the M4A1-S; ropz, ALEX, and Plopski have got you covered.
  • Did you hear about EliGE’s recent 0.06 rating? Voo breaks down what the heck happened.

🇩🇰 Danish shenanigans

  • mertz is back on the market, too bad Astralis just landed an AWP’er.
  • We can just about taste the spice on this k0nfig tweet. We love it.
  • Want to know Valde’s story? Then check out this HLTV article.
  • These Vitality t-shirts are straight fire. So fire that we’d love to do some promoting, so hit us up Vitality 👀

🙃 Post game memery

  • Why hire a social media manager when NAF, your own player, can make memes for you?
  • Shots fired at ELiGE... To be fair to him though, it really wasn’t his fault.
March 31, 2022

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