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Elliott Griffiths
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Forget everything we just said. The fnatic core might not be staying together, and that money might be recouped immediately.

Brollan has been benched by fnatic - not because of him being an idiot, or not being good enough, but because NiP have submitted a €600k bid for the Swede.

This comes not long before the roster lock for Pro League and the RMRs, so it would be a good time for NiP to make this move. A better time might have been during the player break, but what do we know.

This is a rare one where accepting the bid seems to make sense for everyone. fnatic get a whole lot of money while they’re not really trying to win much, NiP get the best player in Sweden and a legitimate upgrade on their riflers, and Brollan gets to never hear about English food ever again.

Seriously, there’s only so many things you can make with beef and potatoes, and Brollan is sick of hearing about them.

Given fnatic have already benched Brollan, one would assume that the deal will go ahead eventually, but things have gone quiet on that front for a few days. Peppzor is standing in for now.

Nobody seems to know who he would replace on NiP, but we would assume Plopski would be the one to make way. REZ isn’t cutting it as a star player, but going back to a pure entry role with Brollan being able to be that star man makes the most sense.

But it’s NiP, so they’ll probably cut Hampus or something. They will have to start winning things now; with over 1.5m spent on two players for the roster, losing is not an option.

February 24, 2022

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