zews is an Evil Genius

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH Source: mibr.gg

No surprises here, zews has been announced as the new coach of EG.

He links up with stanislaw once again, which as we covered in the last newsletter, he previously fell out with. It's a lot harder to fall out with your friends when you're not allowed to see them, though, so maybe the coronavirus situation is helping EG in that regard.

zews' first game in charge was a 2-0 win over FURIA, but his second wasn't an ideal chaser. His new team got cleanly swept by Team Liquid who proved themselves to be the best in the West (of Europe).

CeRq got only 16 kills on the two maps (the first was a default win), giving zews a big task. But then he's used to his AWPer being a bit useless in big games, as he had 2019 FalleN under his wing.

For Liquid, zews' old team, everything looks hunky dory. Maybe EG need stanislaw to leave, just like Liquid did.

April 12, 2020

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