"zonic's lost the dressing room!"

Elliott Griffiths
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BLAST are apparently contemplating allowing teams to change players mid-match - and being able to change between maps has always been allowed in BLAST tournaments, but has never been utilised.

This would allow ENCE to sub out Allu for Jamppi, or Astralis to sub out Device for JUGi (if Device's arms suddenly fell off, or something) at HALF-TIME in a map. Got a T-side specialist who doesn't have the patience for CT side? Got an angle holder who can't find picks for himself? This is perfect for you.

As football fans, some of us at TLDR are happy we might be able to blame the coach. We expect to see some angry Danes on Astralis Fan TV shouting 'Zonic out' for subbing in es3tag.

C9's Dan Fiden loves the idea as a way to see more young talent stepping up, while stuchiu summed up the pros and cons of trying it out for yourself. neL believes Magisk might be able to take up leading duties if gla1ve drops out, while Nikolaj Nyholm is courting Kjaerbye quite openly. Need an eighth, already?

May 14, 2020

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