ZywOo... IS a fraud?

Elliott Griffiths
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ZywOo just had his first negative event on Vitality of the year.

Sorry, we got that wrong. He didn't.

He just had his first negative event on Vitality EVER.

That's it, he's washed up. 2021 strikes again. Vitality got dumped out of BLAST pretty unceremoniously in a game that has a whole lot of significance. Not only because ZywOo got ass-blasted by a guy called try, on 9z, but because it was the last game of one of the other washed up players on Vitality - more on that later.

We do need to talk about try, though. 102 adr and 72 frags over three maps against Vitality is seriously special - especially when he took the opening duel more than anyone else on his team, winning three quarters of them.

While 2021 has seen some scenes fall apart, with the Scandinavian regions seemingly getting weaker, we're seeing some new ones pop up. Argentina is the newest one to keep your eyes on, with try flying the flag high. For too long Brazil has been the only South American nation worth watching, but try is changing that quickly.

Speaking of Scandinavian teams falling apart, Astralis got swiftly 2-0'd by OG, with valde going absolutely wild, in what would have been described as his audition to join them if Astralis weren't in such shambles. At least Bubzkji played... and swiftly went 7-16. Ah, well.

Every game at BLAST so far has been 2-0, other than Vitality losing. Spirit sent Extra Salt back to NA, but more embarrassingly Team Liquid got slapped back by Dignitas with Lekr0 and HEAP going berserk.

At least we can all enjoy FURIA 2-0'ing MIBR. arT took almost 60% of the opening duels in that game, by the way.

April 15, 2021

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