ZywOo is wasting money

Elliott Griffiths
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  • RpK and ZywOo have wasted more than $150,000 on buying too much armour this year. Should have just glassed those AWPs.
  • Zeus has coronavirus, and so does Coldzera according to his instagram story. Weird, he's usually good at social distancing from his teammates.
  • TACO and Dead are rejoining up with Felps in a potential new team, according to DeKay.
  • The Kovac twins cousins are looking fly.
  • Ever wanted to make a skin with a picture of your dog on it?Now you can, thanks to this useful book written by redditor Braedoktor.
  • Cloud9 new boy mezii did a little AMA over on reddit too.
  • No Major, no problem - Richard Lewis is casting the Bot Major.
November 8, 2020

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