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January 7, 2022

EG are ruining our day again, a bunch of other moves are confirmed now and HLTV’s copy of our ballers of the year article from last year has begun.

EG once again waste our time

Remember... checks watch... four days ago? When we were excited about valde finally leaving OG, even if it was for EG?

Yeah, forget all that. EG are doing something MUCH more boring.

Talks fell apart supposedly due to the fact that EG had to have their roster locked in before the 7th due to BLAST’s roster lock.

Which begs the question, why did they wait so long?

They could have just - and we do apologise for this- rushed the deal over the line, so that they wouldn’t have to use RUSH. Yeah, they’re picking up RUSH. Anticlimactic, huh?

Like, RUSH is fine. He’s not going to push the envelope, he’s not going to test the waters, and the beehives are staying safely unkicked. But EG don’t need solid, they need players, and good ones.

This team becomes a lot, lot less exciting when it’s autimatic, CeRq and Brehze as the stars, instead of Brehze, valde and autimatic with CeRq and Stewie having backseat roles. We’re throughly whelmed, now.

Yeah, yeah, it’s the core that won the Major in 2018 - but it ain’t 2018 any more. This team is just... not exciting for non-Americans at this point.

At least OG’s new IGL isn’t getting screwed immediately. Oh, did we spoil something?


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FaZe’s trio of stars

Source: @ropzicle

If you’re a FaZe fan, it’s time to be excited.

HLTV’s top 20 has begun, and though it’s not officially recognized by the authority on this matter (us), we're told it's quite prestigious.

The good news for FaZe fans, therefore, is that they’ve already picked up three of the four spots announced. broky at #20, ropz at #18 and Twistzz at #17.

Yes, we’re counting ropz as a FaZe player, ‘cause it’s official now.

The one non-FaZe player to make it into the top 20 so far is ELiGE, who helped drag Liquid to some form of non-embarrassment during a pretty awful year.

FaZe, now, have three provably top quality players on their roster, which should scare some of the other teams in the top 20. Especially as they all have 0 so far. Suck it, NaVi.

ropz, Twistzz, broky. That’s pretty damn scary.

Who do you think might take the number one spot? It could be anyone! Reply to this email with your guess and your nickname. We’ll give a shoutout to everyone who gets it right.

Our money is on coldzera again. He’s just got that winning mentality, that #1 quality.


ropz is making BANK

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • ropz getting the bag
  • EG’s move for valde (before that fell through!)
  • Why Liquid are finally doing the right thing with oSee

MOUZ making moves

  • torzsi has been officially called up to MOUZ’ first team with acoR benched. Kill it, kiddo. We’re all rooting for ya.
  • Speaking of kids being moved into a big team, m0NESY has been officially announced in G2, via a rather unhinged video from Carlos.
  • mhL is torzsi’s replacement in MOUZ NXT. You might not know him, but he’s a very talented if somewhat inconsistent player. Good place for him to learn, it seems.
  • chrisJ has officially left MOUZ. Not just benched - this time it’s not a temporary one.
  • coldzera has joined 00Nation, but malbsMd might not be moving after all. Turns out his buyout is muy caliente (or so we have heard). We don’t know Portuguese, sorry.
  • tarik has left EG, we assume - sadly - for VALORANT. But it could be C9 CSGO. Copium.
  • SKADE have made a ‘Bulgarian superteam’, which apparently isn’t an oxymoron. They’ve picked up bubble and dream3r.

Got, got, need

Illustration by NovaH. Source: G2 and OG

Hey! Wanna trade Pokemon?

I’ll give you this super rare Finnish guy with emotions if you trade me the guy who managed to stop NiKo IGL for at least 12 months?

That’s right, Aleksib is finally heading to G2 - but, with Nexa going the other way. That’s the catch. That’s the twist, the story arc, the ol’ rigmarole. Nexa is going to OG to replace Aleksib, which is particularly weird given he said he didn’t want to IGL any more.

Maybe he just didn’t want to IGL NiKo.

So, who wins? Well it really depends exactly how you rate them. Nexa is an okay fragger, though probably slightly overrated as an individual player, while Aleksib is probably slight overrated as an IGL. Both of them are decent enough, though, and it’s hard to really say who wins.

Which... makes this a little bit less spicy. We want to tell you that OG are secretly winning this trade, but we can’t. Nexa isn’t a massive upgrade on Aleksib as a player, and time can only tell us if Aleksib is a better leader than Nexa.

Going to have to WIN a Major Final to really do better, though. Good luck with that Aleksi! What we can say is that Aleksi will finally be the worst individual player on the team, instead of having to frag and call, so maybe he can be unleashed. He didn’t even let his teammates know!

At least we don’t have to see NiKo IGL.


Two new gamers enter the world

  • Congratulations to Frankie and our very own Phillip Rasmussen who enter their journeys into parenthood this year. God speed, gamers!
  • Finally, Ryan shut up.
  • Party Astronauts manager Muenster posted a pretty handy guide to running a team. His lil’ org has been putting in work, so you should listen to him, we reckon.
  • NBK announced his medical diagnosis and exactly what that means for him. Thankfully, he’s getting a whole lotta love on Twitter.
  • voo made an actually good video? Turns out it’s not just his thumbnails that are good.
  • Nifty is a free agent. Just forget that guide you read earlier, and sign him. Y'enno, if you want to.
  • Aww, shucks Nix0n. We hope you enjoyed it.

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