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June 10, 2022

We’ve got the lowdown on the most exciting Pinnacle Cup yet, a much less interesting Dubai event, and Entropiq’s ‘reverse NaVi’.

Heroic just can’t win

Illustration by Crash_ Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark, and we’re not talking about Astralis’ continued issues with the AWP, or dev1ce’s complete disappearance from the surface of our planet.

No, we’re talking about the fact that there are only two Danish players on the top 5 teams in the world.

For a country that has given us so many quality players, it’s crazy to think that karrigan and Snappi are now the highest-rated Danes in the world in CS:GO. And #1 and #2 in the world at that.

And it’s mainly Heroic’s fault. LANs have returned, but as facemasks and social distancing disappeared, so did Heroic’s top level. With stavn as the exception, the team has suffered from a lack of form, and has struggled immensely with their status as favourites.

At Pinnacle Cup 2022 their woes continued. Despite being heavy favourites against a FNATIC with f0rest as a stand-in - and two new players - they got bumped to the elimination game after a 14-16 loss in their first match.

They did survive the scare, beating MIBR 2-0, and then scraping by FNATIC 16-14 and 16-13, in order to get out of the groups. But the Danes still aren’t firing on all cylinders, and if they have trouble beating FNATIC in this state, how are they going to fare against BIG or Astralis?

The latter two won their respective groups, albeit Astralis cut it close against Imperial, actually losing more rounds than they lost. They did win more maps though, and that’s what counts in the end we guess?

We’re onto the playoffs later today, where Astralis and BIG will face off in the upper bracket final, while Heroic takes on Finest in the lower bracket final.

And while the former looks like the most interesting game, the stats say that Heroic vs Finest is going to be an incredibly potent matchup. Finest have two of the best performing players in PlesseN and anarkez while Heroic has stavn… and a chip on their shoulder.

Even if the Danes win the event, they haven’t really won, they’ve just lived up to the expected result. Which might just be why they’re caught in a vicious circle of being the favourites and underperforming.

Sounds like something MSL could fix. Or?

There's also Counter-Strike in Dubai, but who cares?

Complexity doesn't care, because they only got to play three maps and take home $12,500 for last place, after losing to the new OG lineup in the first quarter final.

Other attendees are NiP, who won against NASR, and MOUZ who dispatched of Falcons in two quick maps. Movistar Riders got a run for their money against TYLOO, but survived a 13-16 scare on Overpass and took the last two maps 16-13, 16-13.

This leaves us with the following semi-finals later today:

  • NIP vs OG
  • MOUZ vs Movistar Riders

The winner will be crowned tomorrow in a best of three Grand Final, and take home a hefty $100,000 first-place prize. Get the event overview at HLTV.


One million roster moves later…

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • Kjaerbye’s return
  • Why coldzera is crap
  • The “blueprint”

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More moves than Michael Jackson

  • Entropiq did the reverse NaVi; they kicked out the non-Russian Lack1 and replaced him with the mercurial hitman mir - who had been benched since the Spirit rejig. mir is at his peak a superstar tier player, and this gives Entropiq a firepower upgrade. Dark horse status re-achieved?
  • JW and flusha have revived the name EYEBALLERS, which is, according to the boomers on our timelines, a legendary name. We could tell you the three other players on that team, but we bet you’ve never heard of them either.
  • coldzera got his paws on the 00NATION roster and is trying to kick everyone else and bring in GODSENT; with malbsMd being the first to be benched. He’s been standing in for TeamOne, but is ‘open to offers’.
  • Lucky left Astralis and has finally rejoined Tricked. Wonder if he’ll get kicked for farlig again in six months when device comes back?

Return of the Markus

Illustration by NovaH. Source: Endpoint

After Kjaerbye announced his retirement in June last year, there were a lot of people who thought he might have quit too early.

There were some who thought he retired as soon as he joined North.

But he’s back - perhaps unsurprisingly - and had been looking for a team for a short while. He was a potential stand-in for Heroic for a little while, but he’s finally found a home for real.

And it’s… not quite somewhere you would expect.

He’s taking what was BOROS’ spot on Endpoint. With MiGHTYMAX, Surreal, CRUC1AL, and Nertz. Yeah, really.

The more we think about the move, the more we like it. Kjaerbye has been out of the game for a little while, and it would be a massive risk for a top team to take. But for Endpoint, it’s less of a risk.

They get a player whose peak is - let’s not forget - Major MVP level. For a team whose last few players have been complete unknowns before joining, that’s an exciting prospect.

Kjaerbye gets a team built around him to show what he can do and gets to ‘warm up’ back into tier one via Endpoint. If he goes off, Endpoint have already shown they can potentially be a good team. If he doesn’t, then, well, he can chill until he’s back.

We’ve seen how good flameZ and BOROS looked in this Endpoint team, as well as mezii’s rapid improvement in this role; so this is a perfect role for Kjaerbye to prove himself again.

We’re watching with quiet excitement. If anyone can save UKCS, it’s a Dane.



🏆 The real competition

  • BeastKing? King Mr Beast? Well, whatever you want to call him, NadeKing’s MrBeast-esque challenge video is pretty damn awesome.

↔️ If only… Players on the move?

  • Okay, we don’t know why, but somehow Snax on NAVI doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I mean, the jersey fits him.
  • aizyesque’s favourite player (besides aizy) has unfortunately been removed from his team (just like aizy).
  • Into the Breach - Thomas and smooya’s team - is apparently making an academy team. Maybe they can teach future UK pros not to make their team implode the instant it’s created?

📈📉 Talents on the rise, and talents down low

  • Oh, such w0nderful news! Puns aside, we can’t wait to see the next m0nesy shine in FPL.
  • Just put in a little more work KRIMZ, and maybe one day you can be as cool as f0rest.
  • We’ll leave the Boombl4 story to cook just a little longer before we touch any of it, but for an update: here’s what s1mple has to say about it all.
  • Looks like YEKINDAR is making major advancements in his tomfoolery career.

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