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July 22, 2022

Vitality are set to join them with a roster move of their own, napz makes nitr0 look tiny and you probably shouldn’t be investing in FaZe stocks.

The players aren't the only ones who need it

Hello friends!

As you’re probably aware if you’re reading this, the player break has begun. Cologne was the crescendo to a mad season of Counter-Strike, and now we have a chance to rest.

We, like the players, need a little time to recuperate; but more importantly, news tends to die down a little bit. We’re going to be taking a short break as we do every year to recharge the batteries and we’ll be back in a few weeks to catch you up on every big move that happened.

Don’t fear, you won’t be without your content lifeboat for too long. Brave the seas, sailor!


The TLDR team


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rain and nitr0 talked to us. For some reason

Our very own napz debuted in his role as interviewer in Cologne, and got to interview both nitr0 and rain. You should watch them, in our opinion.

Yes, napz is taller than you thought.

nitr0 told us all that even when he was playing VALORANT he just wanted to play CSGO, which is something we totally feel.

He did mention it was tough to call as he wasn’t calling in VALORANT and hadn’t played CS for a year. Obviously. Thankfully he’s had YEKINDAR and daps to help him out there.

YEKINDAR has been the second caller, with nitr0 mentioning that every team needs a second caller, and nitr0 suggests he just says ‘yes’ a lot to YEKINDAR’s calls.

We could be mean there, but we won’t. Character growth.

rain was a lot less forthcoming, but in his defence, he had just played a BO5 final and lifted the trophy with one hand. We don’t blame him too much for not wanting to spend half an hour chatting to us.

He gave us a little insight into the future of FaZe Clan and what’s left for them to achieve, as well as a glimpse into the life of a Major - and now Cologne - winner.


FaZe up, stocks down

Tune in to this week's episode of Overtime on Inferno where your favorite hosts aizyesque and Logan Ramhap go deep on the biggest news in CS:GO:

  • Why you should, or shouldn’t, buy FaZe stonks
  • What makes karrigan one level above electronic
  • Why dexter deserves some credit

G2 suffer a NiKo relapse

Illustration by NovaH Source: ESL

Carlos has done a Carlos. He lies as easily as we breathe. And roast G2.

After tweeting a convincing “no” in response to the report, Aleksib took it upon himself to announce he’s been “allowed by G2 to explore my options.”

Seriously, what’s up with NiKo? This guy gets through IGLs faster than we get through tubes of Pringles.

Gob b, karrigan, NEO, nexa, and now Aleksib have all felt CS:GO’s on-paper best rifler’s wrath, all falling short of the standard NiKo requires to keep his respect.

That’s how it seems, anyway — even after all these years, it’s still harsh to pin 100% of the blame on NiKo for his teams underperforming. Buuuuuut, that’s kind of our brand. So fuck him.

But we’re not just here to moan; here’s a solution: Keep Aleksib and JACKZ. YEKINDAR in, NiKo out, who’s arsed?

Sadly, that’ll never happen. Instead, G2 are doubling down and — reportedly — cutting both supportive elements of their team, throwing JACKZ into the mass grave as well.

This is a chalice so poisoned a Red Witch from Game of Thrones would be nervous. So who can they even get?

gla1ve is probably locked down forever, tabseN the same. Snappi, if Spinx leaves, might be convinced.

And, if you can get his right-hand man Maden in too, like Nohte suggests, you might get a team that at least win tournaments before NiKo gets tired of being told what to do.

It’s a clusterfuck; G2 haven’t even commented on the Aleksib situation and a birdie has told us there’s still a world where he plays for G2 next season.

G2 don’t know what they want, and NiKo definitely doesn’t know what he wants. This is the time you want XTQZZZ to take charge, but Blix thought he was out of the door with Aleksi, so his authority can’t be 100% either.

All we know is they need to get it sorted soon; huNter-, NiKo, and m0NESY are a core that should be challenging NAVI and FaZe.


FaZe Down

😐 Down bad…

  • FaZe went to the stock market and came back very emptyhanded.
  • SkinPort really went the “what’s my source? I made it up” route, didn’t they?
  • Even if your favourite player or team won an event, DON’T CHUG AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF VODKA. We’re disappointed it needed to be said.

🧠 200 IQ

  • FURIOUSSS smoking A main is 100% pure skill and we love it.
  • The way that interview with JACKZ went makes us think either he knew more than he was letting on to or he just really has a French tier two fantasy.
  • As much as it sucks for NAVI that they got their stratbook leaked, it is cool to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the greatest in Counter-Strike.

🌳 No walking around the bush

  • We love how all the players give meaningful thoughts about the new player break and then YEKINDAR is just like “I don’t care”.
  • I think someone on ENCE really doesn’t want to lose Spinx. Bromance is one hell of a drug

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