A forZe to be reckoned with

Elliott Griffiths
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Just as everyone expected, a big CIS team won Group D.

While Spirit were dumped out by Astralis in an elimination game, having lost to NAVI, it was forZe who took top dog spot in the group.

Jerry’s jolly men were left with just ENCE to beat, after having announced themselves as the best team from their region with wins over NAVI and Spirit, and they beat ENCE with confidence.

An absolute punishment on Overpass preceded a more measured victory on Anubis, as Jerry once more proved himself to be one of most consistently impressive IGLs not only in his region, but potentially the world.

Spirit toppled Team Liquid 2-0, but were then brought crashing down by NAVI and, as mentioned earlier, Astralis, leaving them out of playoff contention. A similar wrath was brought upon Rare Atom, who despite a headline-grabbing win over Liquid failed to capitalise on a map one win over NAVI.

Liquid did not take so kindly to Rare Atom’s plucky upset win, and drilled Rare Atom into the ground in two maps.

That leaves forZe, ENCE, NAVI and Liquid as the four teams making it through.

The bracket has been drawn, too, with a mouthwatering list of games to come. Alright, not all of them are stand-outs - we might skip G2 vs Movistar or NAVI vs 00NATION, but it does promise to throw up some corkers.

Heroic await the winner from the NAVI/00NATION/Outsiders love triangle, with either CIS team posing a threat to the Danes. forZe will have one of FURIA, FaZe or fnatic (much like our exam results, too many F’s there) aiming to stop their progression into the semis.

paiN or Liquid will play MOUZ, with the winner of that meeting Cloud9, and Vitality will duke it out with either G2, ENCE or Movistar.

We’re in week 5 of Pro League, but this one really does promise to be bangin’.

March 19, 2023

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