Anyone need an entry-fragger?

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: yek1ndar / twitter. wallpaperflare (bear)

Do you hear that?

That clicking sound?

That was every single team owner’s head snapping towards YEKINDAR’s agent after hearing that apparently, he’s available.

And not like that, sadly ladies and gay lads. Well, maybe he is, we don’t know. But we do know that Luis Mira says he’s available to be signed, and that’s an exciting prospect. apparently will not stand in his way - probably ‘cause most people who do that have their head ripped off - which begs a big question. Who signs him?

Could it be Natus Vincere, whose form has slipped a little bit since the new year and might be looking to end operations with people living in Russia? FaZe Clan to create a ridiculously stacked team?

Maybe G2 want a new player instead of JACKZ. Hell, who wouldn’t want to sign him? We’ve got a feeling Team Liquid might be looking for a marquee signing, or even Evil Genihahahaha, we couldn’t even finish that.

YEKINDAR is a ridiculously good player; last year he took the opening duel in over 34% of the rounds he played in, and still had a positive ratio in winning them. Think about how absurd that is for a second.

Think about how many terrible duels you have to take as an entry at the pro level. He wins more than half of his duels. He also ended the year with a 1.15 rating, which for a guy who dies as often and, essentially, deliberately as he does.

YEKINDAR is a freakishly good player, and his being available makes the post-Major shuffle a ridiculously exciting experience.

May 1, 2022

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