Astralis: “make trade?” Sprout Management: “lol no”

Harry Richards
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Illustration by NovaH.

Astralis, Denmark’s premier marketing agency and part-time terrible Counter-Strike team, are in deep water.

After removing k0nfig, they’re in dire need of a new aggressive rifler. That man could have been Staehr, according to Jaxon, except there was someone Astralis forgot to ask: Sprout.

First, manager Daniel Paulus took to Twitter, commenting “no thanks” to the idea of swapping his star rifler for an AWPer. And, the Sprout office must have enjoyed it quite a lot — because they put the same message on Reddit as well.

Not being able to get players out of Heroic is embarrassing enough, but Sprout too? BIG get a Sprout player every two months but the great Astralis can’t even get ONE deal through?

For those with eyes, though, this isn’t much of a shock. Astralis haven’t bought out a good player for eons. k0nfig, Farlig, and blameF were free agents. So was Magisk, back in 2018.

But still, it’s always funny to see a small fish get to slap a big fish back upstream. And Sprout took their opportunity well, choosing to give this fresh new BERRY-led project the time it deserves.

For Astralis meanwhile, the gap between their household name status and their actual results is widening by the day, and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

For now, k0nfig’s replacement remains a mystery.

October 16, 2022

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